Earn together. Travel together.

Start a Family Account

Why start a Family Account?

  • Makes it easier to collect CashPoints for all family members.
  • The family's total CashPoints earnings are available when you book flights, as all family members' CashPoints are pooled into one account.
  • Easily track how many CashPoints your family has earned in total.
  • Choose which family members can redeem the Family Account CashPoints.

Start a Family Account

How to start

  • Invite your family to join the Family Account from your Reward profile.
  • If someone in your family is not yet a member of Norwegian Reward, they can sign up during the invitation process.
  • When your family members have accepted your invitation, your Family Account is active and you will start earning CashPoints together.

Start a Family Account

Frequently asked questions

Family Account is a feature provided for Norwegian Reward members who wish to collect family members' earned CashPoints in one account. This makes it easier to use the family’s earned CashPoints when booking tickets at Norwegian.com.

A Family Account can consist of up to seven Norwegian Reward members, one of whom must be an adult aged eighteen years or older.

By joining or creating a Family Account, you accept being part of it for at least 3 months. There is no maximum time limit of how long you can be a member of the same Family Account.

If you choose to leave a Family Account, your earned CashPoints will remain within the Family Account. It is not possible to transfer earned CashPoints back to your personal account. Once you have left the Family Account, any future CashPoints will be earned in your personal account.

You can freely choose to invite whoever you want. Although Family Account was designed for families to earn CashPoints together, we do not restrict it for other uses, such as inviting your friends or similar.

After successfully creating or joining a Family Account, your CashPoints will be transferred from your personal account to the Family Account, where the Head of Household decides which members inside the Family Account may spend the pooled CashPoints from all participating members.

Your earned Rewards are personal benefits which are not a part of the Family Account feature. You will earn Rewards like before and they will only be available to you.

Transaction history for each member is only published on the individual profile page. This means that other family members will not be able to see your transactions.

CashPoints that are transferred to a Family Account will have the same expiration as before the transfer. However, since CashPoints that expire first will be used first when you pay tickets with CashPoints, pooling all family members CashPoints into one account reduces the risk of expiration.

If you are receiving an error message when accepting an invitation to a Family Account, please make sure you are not logged into the same account as the Head of Household. If the error persists, please contact us via our Customer Service pages.

Terms and conditions

Quick overview

  • Your CashPoints will be transferred from your personal account to the Family Account.
  • The transfer of CashPoints is non-refundable and irreversible after joining the Family Account.
  • You accept being a part of the Family Account for at least three (3) months.
  • The Head of your Family Account may grant or revoke your access to spend CashPoints.

Read the rest of the Terms and Conditions here.