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How it works

Norwegian's loyalty program is easy to use. Simply put, it gives you better flights, for less.

Here you'll find all you need to know about the different benefits of Norwegian Reward.

And the best part? It's free to join!

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The basics

Earn CashPoints

Earn CashPoints every time you fly, stay at a hotel or shop with one of our partners. Use your CashPoints to pay for your next flight with Norwegian.

Spend CashPoints

CashPoints are just like cash. You can use them to pay for all Norwegian flights (excluding taxes and some surcharges) to any destination with no blackout dates and no minimum spend.

Earn benefits

You can also fly your way towards benefits such as extra CashPoints and free baggage. For every eighth flight you take within 12 months, you collect a benefit, which you can use as many times as you'd like for at least a year.

What are CashPoints?

CashPoints is Norwegian's digital currency.

10 CashPoints ≈ £/€0.85*

*1 CashPoint is equivalent to the value of 1 Norwegian Krone (NOK). Conversion may vary depending on exchange rate fluctuation.

Earning CashPoints

Earn on flight tickets

Collect CashPoints every time you fly Norwegian to any destination.

Earn on hotels

Collect CashPoints on over 650,000 hotels in more than 60 countries.

Other partners

Earn even more CashPoints with Norwegian Reward's other partners and services such as car rental, airport transfers, tours and more.
Take a look at just some of our current partners...

Spending CashPoints

You can use your CashPoints to buy all Norwegian flight tickets checked baggage seat reservations pre-ordered meals ticket changes ...and much more

Payment with CashPoints

CashPoints is just like any other currency. You can use your CashPoints to pay for your flight tickets (excluding taxes and some surcharges), plus any extras you wish to add.

No blackout dates

Unlike other airline loyalty programs, we don’t restrict your CashPoints to certain flights. Feel free to spend them on any flight to any of Norwegian's destinations.

No minimum spend

Earning benefits

In addition to earning CashPoints on all flights, you can enjoy more benefits, which will give you even smoother journeys, without paying extra.

8 flights = 1 new benefit

+2% extra CashPoints

on all Norwegian tickets

The more you fly, the more benefits you earn. Choose between:

Free Fast Track

on all flights

Free standard seat reservation

on all flights

Free checked baggage

on all flights

Free overhead cabin baggage

on all flights

Norwegian Reward PriorityExclusive frequent flyer benefits

When you reach 32 flights within 12 months, you get Norwegian Reward Priority. This means you’ll have the benefits you haven’t already chosen, plus a set of exclusive benefits reserved for our most frequent flyers. Find out more about our benefits.

Family Account

Earn together. Travel together.

Why start a Family Account?

Earn CashPoints together with your family and friends.

Pool all family members' CashPoints into one account.

Choose which family members can redeem the CashPoints.

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