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Book your hotel with Rocketmiles and Norwegian and get CashPoints for each night of your stay. Plus, book by 31 January and get an extra 500 CashPoints on your first booking at selected properties!*

When booking a Rocketmiles hotel, Norwegian Reward members get:

  • 500 extra CashPoints on first booking*
  • 100 - 1,000 CashPoints per night on all stays
  • Same low rates as other booking sites
  • Hotels located around the world, from boutique properties to international favourites

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*Book by 31 January 2020, stay anytime. Applies to selected properties only. Read the full Terms and Conditions.

In order to earn CashPoints on hotel bookings with Rocketmiles please register your Reward Number in your Rocketmiles customer profile.

About Rocketmiles

Rocketmiles is a hotel booking partner which gives you the chance to earn tons of CashPoints while staying in premium hotels worldwide.

Book a hotel at competitive rates, equal to those offered by other travel booking sites.

Your benefits

100 - 1,000 CashPoints per night

When do you receive your CashPoints?

CashPoints will be credited to your account up to 3 days after check-out.

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