Learn a new language in three months and earn 50 CashPoints

Experience travelling in a whole new way. Impress friends and locals in their own language and truly immerse yourself in new cultures.

The award-winning WordDive app provides you with a unique learning experience, giving you the confidence to speak fluently in a new language, in as little as three months.

Grab one of WordDive's exclusive three-month, comprehensive language courses for just £23.99 ($27.99 if you're purchasing from the US). They're even customised specifically for travellers like you.

Purchase a three-month course and you’ll receive 50 CashPoints.


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You will also earn CashPoints for renewals:

  • 20 CashPoints with the repurchase of a 3-month package (£23.99/$27.99) 
  • 25 CashPoints with the purchase of a 6-month package (£41.99/$47.99) 
  • 60 CashPoints with the purchase of a 12-month package (£69.99/$79.99) 
  • 10 CashPoints/month with the monthly subscription (£7.99/$9.99 per month)

About WordDive

Using the latest artificial intelligence technologies, WordDive offers a unique, easy and fun language-learning method that fits into your daily schedule.

  • Available in 10 languages
  • Offering beginner-level to advanced-level courses
  • Learn by using multiple senses
  • All material produced by professionals
  • Over 700,000 users in 150 countries

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50 CashPoints with the purchase of a 3-month comprehensive course

When do you receive your CashPoints?

CashPoints will be credited to your account up to 5 days after purchase.

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