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Are you missing CashPoints from a flight?


CashPoints are automatically credited your account up to 14 days after your flight's departure if your Reward Number was entered at the time of booking. Check your CashPoint transactions.

Did you forget to log in when you booked your ticket? You can claim CashPoints up to 30 days after departure.

Remember! Earning CashPoints on flights is personal, so you are only entitled to earn CashPoints on your own flights. The name on the flight ticket must match the name you have registered in your Norwegian Reward profile.

Are you still missing CashPoints?
Contact us.


Are you missing CashPoints from a partner?


Missing CashPoints are typically a result of not adding your Reward Number during the booking or payment process. Alternatively, it could be that the CashPoints are still in the process of being transferred.

Find out what to do if you're missing CashPoints from your hotel booking, rental car service or any of our other partners on the Missing CashPoints page.