Now you can be a frequent flyer
without flying frequently

In addition to earning CashPoints on all flights, you can now enjoy even more benefits, which will give you cheaper and better flights, even quicker.

We're calling them Rewards

+2% CashPoint boost
on all LowFare tickets

Free Fast Track
on all flights

Free seat reservation
on all flights

Free baggage
on all flights

6 flights = 1 new Reward

6 flyvninger = 1 ny reward ikon

You receive a new Reward for every sixth single flight

And yes, stopovers count!


12 months

When you receive a new Reward, it is valid for 12 months

12 måneder

Unlimited use!
You can use your active Rewards on as many flights as you like.

You decide

It only takes 6 flights before you receive your
first Reward: 2% CashPoint boost

You can then choose between:

+2% CashPoint boost
on all LowFare tickets

This can be collected five times
(up to 10% CashPoint boost)

Free Fast Track
on all flights

Free seat reservation
on all flights

Free baggage
on all flights

Can be selected when you've reached 18 flights.

How many can you get?

How many Rewards can you get?

You get a Reward for every sixth flight over the previous 12 months, and you can receive 8 Rewards in total.

After 48 flights, you will have received the maximum number of Rewards.

2% CashPoint boost can be achieved as many as 5 times. Then you will earn 12% CashPoints on all your LowFare tickets.

Limited Edition Rewards

Qualified for Limited Edition Rewards 2018?

A golden Limited Edition Reward Premium Upgrade icon

During 2018 fly 10 round trips (or 20 single trips) with Flex tickets and get a Premium upgrade in 2019

A golden Limited Edition Long Haul ticket icon

During 2018 fly 20 round trips (or 40 single trips) and earn 3,000 CashPoints on flight tickets and get a long haul ticket in 2019

Find out more about Limited Edition Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Rewards are Norwegian's frequent flyer benefits that give you cheaper and better flights. You receive a Reward for every sixth single flight with Norwegian within the last 12 months. Each Reward is available for at least 12 months.

+2% CashPoint-boost

You earn an additional 2% CashPoints on LowFare tickets. This is the first Reward you achieve automatically after 6 flights within 12 months. You can achieve this Reward 5 times in total. This means you can achieve up to +10% CashPoint boost in total.

You would ordinarily earn 2% on LowFare, so your first +2% CashPoint boost immediately doubles your earning potential.

Free seat reservation

You can reserve your seat for free for at least 12 months to come. You can choose this Reward when you fly 12 times during a 12 month period.

When you have secured your free seat reservation Reward you can book flights on our website and reserve your seat for free for at least 12 months to come.

Free Fast Track

Receive free access to Fast Track and spend less time in airports for at least 12 months to come. Fast Track is available at selected airports. You can choose this Reward when you fly 12 times during a 12 month period.

When you have secured your free Fast Track Reward you can book flights on our website and spend less time at airports at no extra cost for at least 12 months to come.

Free baggage

Take one piece of checked baggage of max. 20kg for free on all your flights. This Reward is available when you have taken 18 flights within the last 12 months.

When you have secured your free baggage Reward you can book flights on our website and take one piece of luggage for free for at least 12 months to come.

Every single trip counts as one flight. This includes flights with stopovers. If you, for instance, fly Trondheim-Oslo-London-Oslo-Trondheim, this counts as four flights.

You have to ensure that your Reward Number is registered when you book a flight to make it count. You can also register your Reward Number retrospectively for up to 30 days after the date of departure. Your Reward Number is visible in your profile.

Note: We only count the flights where you have actually travelled and flown.

It is simple to activate your Rewards on your profile:

You receive your first +2% CashPoint boost automatically after 6 flights during the previous 12 months. You subsequently choose any further Rewards yourself. Chosen Rewards are activated when you have made enough qualifying flights.

You can use your activated Reward when you log in and book a flight on

Your activated Rewards are locked for 12 months, and cannot be changed during that period. You can add further Rewards as your number of qualifying flights increase.

Each Reward is available for 12 months from the last time you had a sufficient number of qualifying flights.

Activated Rewards can only be used at the time of booking.

When you have activated a Reward, the Reward is connected to your Reward profile. Log in when you book tickets on for automatic access to your active Rewards during booking.

Your Rewards are personal to you and can therefore only be used on your own ticket and flights.

Your Rewards are personal to you. If you book on behalf of other travellers you can add their Reward Number to the booking. If your travelling companions have active Rewards of their own, these will be available for use on the same booking.

Yes, but only if you give your Reward Number to the travel agent or tour operator and instruct them to register this when they book the flight. Your Reward Number appears in all your email statements from Norwegian Reward, in the Norwegian App and when you log in to your Reward profile.

Rewards that give you a CashPoint boost can be used when booking flights with Norwegian through any channel. Rewards that give you free seat reservations, free Fast Track or free baggage are only available when you book tickets on the Norwegian website ( using your Reward profile.

Terms and Conditions for Rewards

1. General

  • Terms for Rewards are subject to the membership terms of Norwegian Reward.
  • Rewards are a set of benefits to give members cheaper and better flights with Norwegian.
  • Earning and use of Rewards is personal and they cannot be sold, exchanged or used commercially.
  • Rewards are only available to physical persons who are members of Norwegian Reward.
  • The value of a Reward cannot be paid out in cash or sold.
  • The available Rewards will vary with regards to content (which benefits they provide), qualifying activity and the period in which they can be earned and used.

2. Earning

  • Qualifying activity or purchase for earning Rewards will vary. Earning, validity period and use of Rewards will take place according to the information published on at any time.
  • Earning of Rewards takes place by the member’s activities and electronic purchase from the airline Norwegian.
  • Air travel that has taken place with Norwegian qualifies for the earning of Rewards. The Reward Number can either be registered during the booking process or later, in accordance with the current rules for retrospective registration. All flights with Norwegian qualify for Rewards, as long as the Reward Number is registered in the booking.
  • Earned Rewards are available for 12 months from the last time sufficient qualifying journeys were registered. This may change, should Norwegian Reward, for instance, make Rewards with shorter or longer validity periods available, or allow the Rewards to be used only a certain number of times.
  • Some corporate booking agreements can be excluded from earning and use of CashPoints and/or Rewards.

3. Activation

  • The maximum number of Rewards that can be activated is 8. This may be subject to change.
  • Earned Rewards only become available when the member has selected and activated their next Reward, except for the first "+2% CashPoint boost", which is automatically activated when the member reaches 6 qualifying trips within the previous 12 months.
  • Members can choose which Reward they wish to have at the next qualifying frequency.
  • Rewards may be activated when the member has enough qualifying activity/flights.
  • Activated Rewards cannot be changed.

4. Use

  • In order to use his or her Rewards, the member must be logged on to Norwegian’s web pages ( with his or her Reward profile when booking flight tickets. Rewards must be used during the booking process. Rewards in the form of a CashPoint boost gives the member increased CashPoint earning independent of the booking channel.
  • Use of Rewards applies only to bookings on Norwegian’s web pages, with the exception of CashPoint boost, where increased earning of CashPoints as a result of a Reward is awarded independent of the booking channel. You cannot add Rewards to already booked and/or paid bookings.
  • The member’s access to activated Rewards at the time of booking decides the Norwegian benefits the member has access to.
  • CashPoint earning on flight tickets is limited to a maximum of 20%.
  • Fast Track must be actively added during the booking process and is only valid when travelling with Norwegian.
  • In the case of several passengers booking at once, either all or none in the booking can choose seat reservations or Fast Track. If a member has access to a Reward, for example, free seat reservation, the cost of a seat reservation shall be deducted from the total amount. If one does not want to pay for seat reservations for the other travellers within the same booking, the other travellers must be booked on a separate booking.

In addition, Norwegian Reward membership terms and Norwegian’s conditions of transport apply.